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This class was offered at Museum Studies Program, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University and Perdue University Indianapolis in 2001 and 2002.

It offered a survey of the growing use of technology in museums, examines applications for information management in collections, digital imaging, and the use of technology in the service of education both in exhibit contexts and in the variety of educational programs and Web-based dissemination of knowledge.

Topics included the history of using technology in museums, impact of technology in museum professions, contemporary practices of museums and the World Wide Web, concepts of interactive learning, studies of user interface design, and development of evaluation strategies. Through readings, exercises, observations, and group discussions, opportunities for hands-on experience were also available during the course.

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, the student will:

  • Have an understanding of the role of technology in museums and its future development;
  • Discuss critically, in written and verbal form, current issues and applications of technology in museums;
  • Be familiar with ideas, issues, implications, and basic technological requirements surrounding rapidly evolving changes in digital communication and interactive learning;
  • Critically evaluate museum Web sites and various technological applications in museum context such as information management system, digital imaging, computer kiosk, multimedia programming, audio/video production, and distance learning;
  • Have an opportunity to research, plan and develop projects within their major areas of study;
  • Work collaboratively with others in team-based learning and problem solving.

Course Requirements

  • Attendance in class
  • Completion of assigned readings, Web site visits, individual assignments and a final group project
  • Participation in class discussions and exercises
  • Visiting a minimum of two museums (outside of class time) as a source for doing individual assignments and a final group project

Course Evaluation
Undergraduate grades will be based on a student's total score out of a possible 100 point weighted in the following manner:

  • Participation in class discussions and exercises (15 pts)
  • Web sites evaluation portfolio (15 pts)
  • Bibliographic reference logs (15 pts)
  • Gallery observation report on the use of technology (10 pts)
  • Final group project proposal (10 pts)
  • Final group project and presentation (30 pts)
  • Evaluation of final project presentation (5 pts)