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I was a guest lecturer at this 5-credit undergraduate course that covers ideas, issues, and career possibilities in art education through readings, dialogue, and site visitation at the Ohio State University, Department of Art Education from 1997 to 1998.

My lecture was focused on how to discover the transformation of cultural meanings in multiple dimensions. In order to construct as well as enhance such understanding, the underpinning concern of my talk was to focus on the "transformation of meanings" in historical and cultural contexts in the following five areas:

  • Dialogues Between Verbal and Visual Languages
  • History of Chinese Written Language
  • Process of Meaning Making – Exploration of Symbols
  • Expression of Emotions and Feeling
  • Layers of Interpretations & Meanings

Each section included a brief discussion on historical/theoretical contexts, examples from the focused book and other sources, and ideas for possible classroom connections. At the end of my lecture, I encouraged students to create a collage to tell their part of story of how to transform a personal meaning through the process of art creation.

Samples of Student's Artwork

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