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This is a professional development course offered at the Alaska Art Education Annual Conference in September 2006 for K-12 art teachers.

Art teachers will examine their own teaching practices in terms of new workshop ideas and contemporary art issues. Each teacher must complete 15 hours of contact time with an instructor in a workshop setting and complete readings included in the packet.

Course Assignments
Create 3 “Zine” papers (no bigger than 5 x 8)
Each of these papers should reflect and record the conference around you. You may work horizontally or vertically, primarily in black and white. They may contain your sketches, photos of various events, quotes, important information concerning art and the teaching of art. Use these questions as a guide while you are creating your “Zine” papers.

  • “What do you love about teaching art?”
  • “What gets in your way?”
  • “What can be done?”

During conference workshops is an ideal time to survey other art teachers concerning these questions. Strongly voice your passions here, and let your thoughts and concerns be heard in this new format.

Introducing Postmodernism by Richard Appignanesi and Chris Garratt, 1999, Icon Books Ltd, Cambridge

Samples of Teachers' Zine Pape

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