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This class was offered at the Anchorage School District Teacher Academy in May 2005 for K-12 Art and classroom teachers.

This class examines use of technology in art education, museum education, and Web-based dissemination of knowledge. Topics include history of using technology in art education, contemporary practices of teaching art through Internet, and concepts of interactive and constructive learning. Participants will explore basic technology requirements, understand the role of technology in art classroom, examine changes in digital communication, and identify key elements of digital art and online media. Participants will gain a full understanding of how to use online digital resources, how to use digital devices to develop and organize digital libraries, and learn how to create PowerPoint presentations for instructional purposes.

At the end of the course, teachers will be able to

  • Understand the role of technology in art classroom and museums
  • Familiar with ideas, issues, and basic technological requirements surrounding rapidly evolving changes in digital communication and interactive learning
  • Develop practical experience of digital art and online learning
  • Use different digital devises to enhance classroom teaching and learning
  • Organize digital resources in order to build a digital library
  • Create interactive PowerPoint presentation to engage art dialogue in classroom teaching and learning

Course Assignments

  • Participation and Collegial Support (25 points)
  • Teaching Philosophy focusing on art and technology (10 points)
  • Electronic Art Journal (25 points)
  • Final Project – Interactive PowerPoint Presentation  (40 points)

Mona Lisa Goes Digital
Mona Lisa Goes Digital
Mona Lisa Goes Digital