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  • Herminia Wei-Hsin Din, “Bringing The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Alaska : Opportunities and Challenges for Docent Training Using Internet2,” International Journal on Advanced technology for Learning, Special Issue: Internet2 Applications in Education [in review]
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  • Herminia Wei-Hsin Din, "An Investigation of Children’s Museums in the United States: Their Past, Present, and Future: A Proposed Study," Proceedings of Mari lyn Zurmuehlen Working Papers in Art Education at NAEA Convention held in Chicago, Illinois, April 1-5, 1998.
  • Herminia Wei-Hsin Din, "A Project for Cross-cultural Study: Incorporating 'Travel Experience' into an Integrative Arts Curriculum," Proceedings of INSEA Asian Regional Congress held in Taichung , Taiwan , November 10-15, 1995 .
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