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This course is offered at the University of Alaska Anchorage since 2003, and is designed to develop understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. Course emphasis is on the theories, practices, materials, and techniques of the visual arts. Lectures, slides, films, Web sites, class discussion and independent museum and gallery visits will be utilized to study a variety of artistic disciplines, styles and aesthetic approaches.

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, the student will be able to

  • Explain and give concrete examples of the importance of art as a means of non-verbal communication.
  • Describe and define a work of art by noting various elements, media, methods, concepts, styles, and techniques used by the artist.
  • Use the terminology of the art world to analyze works of art.
  • Recognize and appreciate art from diverse cultures, past times, and new technologies.
  • Discuss the role of museums, galleries, curators, art critics, and collectors in the society. 
  • Discuss the fundamental need for creativity and the role of art in daily life.

Course Evaluation

  • Class participation and attendance (30 pts)
  • Create Epsilen EPortfolio Web Site (15 points)
  • The White Bird Response Paper (10 points)
  • Attend an Art Event & Create an Electronic Art Journal (10 points)
  • Final Project in Art (15 points)
  • Create 10 reflective blog entries inside the Epsilen (10 points)
  • Write 10 Peer Reviews (10 points)

Weekly Lessons

  • Week 1: Introduction
  • Week 2: The Nature of Art & Awareness, Creativity, and Communication
  • Week 3: Visual Elements & Principle of Design
  • Week 4: Field Trip / Anchorage Museum of History and Ar t & Alaska Native Medical Center
  • Week 5: Evaluating Art, Drawing & Painting
  • Week 6: Computer Imaging
  • Week 7: Graphic Design and Illustration
  • Week 8: Printmaking & Camera Arts
  • Week 9: Sculpture
  • Week 10: Clay, Glass, Metal, Wood, Fiber
  • Week 11: “No Big Head” Public Lecture
  • Week 12: Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Week 13:Thanksgiving – No Class
  • Week 14: Art as Cultural Heritage & Art in the 21st Century
  • Week 15: Final Presentation
  • Week 16 : Final Exam Week

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