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My teaching philosophy encourages students from different backgrounds to learn and understand the significant role that arts play in their lives. I enjoy working with students; examining topics from different perspectives and encouraging students to work together as a team, and students' active inquiry. I look forward to teaching each day and fully enjoy learning together with students I have in classes and in museums.
My teaching experiences include:
  • curriculum development and implementation of instructional technology especially in museum and non-school settings;
  • educational practices in nontraditional environments;
  • issues in current museum education with a focus on hands-on and free choice learning;
  • media technology in exhibit planning and development,
  • curriculum integration of current instructional technologies including multimedia, distance education and web-based instruction, and
  • research methods.

I am also teaching art appreciation, introduction to art education and museum education, contemporary issues in art, and approaches in art education and other art education classes relevant to the curriculum.


  • ART 160 Art Appreciation
  • ART 392 Introduction to Art Education & Museum Education


  • ART 160 Art Appreciation
  • ART 392 Curriculum Planning and Interpretation in Art
  • ART392 Arts Experience: Social, Cultural, and Educational Perspectives
  • ART392 History and Philosophy of Art Education [Community Service Course]
  • ART590 Dialogue and Documentation


  • ART 160 Art Appreciation
  • ART 392 Foundations of Art Education and Museum Education
  • ART 392 Arts and Technology
  • ART 590 Art Education and American Impressionism Paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • ART 590 Anchorage School District Teacher Academy: Mona Lisa Goes Digital


  • ART 160 Art Appreciation
  • Basic Arts Institute: Online Art Resources for Teaching


  • MSTD 414/514 Museums and Technology